Handmade. Luxury. Art.

Crafted by hand at our Dallas Showroom, local artisans create one-of-a-kind designs that reflect timeless style. Passion with combined quality is at the forefront of our pieces creating the ultimate luxury in permanent silk arrangements.

Florals. Succulents. Plants.

With over hundreds of different types, we have one of the largest variety of silk flowers, succulents & plants. Our stock selection is ever changing. UV treated outdoor options are available.

Natural. Realistic. Our Trees.

Each branch is grafted onto the wood trunk then textured and painted by hand. Silk leaves are added one at a time and carefully blended onto the branch. This is a very skilled and labor intense process that ensures a realistic look. We source our wood from Florida, USA and it comes in many varieties such as; Dragonwood, Ghostwood, Birch, Yucca Poles, and Wetland Myrtle. Unsurpassed elegance, you will be amazed when you stand under the shade of our trees.

Organic. Original. Wall Art.

Building our frames in house each Wall Art size is completely customizable to fit your space. Available in large or small scale, indoor or UV treated outdoor, regular or flame retardant. Our walls disassemble and are easy to install.